pizza 2 2020 Movie Poster


Pizza 2 –Thriller/Action movie 

Pizza 2 Movie 2019: Cast & Crew


Vijay Sethupathi

Gayathri Shankar
Sonia Deepthi
Ramesh Thilak

Deepan Boopathy, Ratesh Velu – producers

Rebel Studios – Production Company

C.S. Sam – Musician

Dinesh Krishnan – Cinematography

Bavan Sreekumar – editing 

Pizza 2 Movie 2019: Showtimes 

  The Duration of this movie might be 2 Hrs except for the Benefits shows and Inox timings may be different from actual show timing

11.30 – Morning Show
02:30 – Matinee show
07:30 – First show
09:30 – second Show

Pizza 2 Movie 2019: Review

Pizza 2 is a Thriller Action and also it is a dubbed movie of “Puriyatha puthir”  Starring Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathrine Shankarin in their prominent roles and also including Sonia Deepti. This film was directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi 

Pizza 2 Movie 2019: Story

Pizza 2 is a Thriller movie Kathir (Vijay Sethupathi) is a Music Director along with his friends Dj and Vinod. Meera (Gayathrine) who teaches music. Kathir starts falling in love with Meera so unfortunately, they meet each other in an incident and start a new relationship. In the meanwhile, Kathir friend Vinod gets fires from this job due to improper photographs of him along with his boss wife due to this humiliation faced in office he hangs himself in the office.
      Kathir receives a picture of merry which is inappropriate and he feels upset and let Meera know about this incident she feels very disappointed and attempts to commit suicide Kathir saves her and tries to comfort her in the meanwhile Dj gets arrested for using drugs 
     Kathir receives messages from an anonymous blackmailer who asks Kathir to take off his clothes in public to let him know about the feeling of someone’s controlling other’s privacy 
  The story continues as usual Kathir finds the blackmailer address he rushes to his house and finds that the person dies 5 years ago he also finds a diary which is all about Meera and Mrithula. The story hits the flashback where Meera and Mrithula are close friends and one fine day Meera takes a video of Mrithula by making fun of her while Mrithula  in this bathroom attire in the meanwhile Kathir Dj and Vinod Steals the video and the video goes Viral so facing the disappointed and the distress Mrithula dies 
   In the end, Meera teaches a lesson to Kathir that in the past he didn’t respond and also reacted only while his loved ones facing issues about leaking other privacy so she walks to a terrace and finally he jumps off the building but Kathir fails to save her and realizes his mistake.

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